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The Planning Process

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MACOG and Transpo, in partnership with the Federal Transit Authority, launched the CONNECT Transit Plan project in August 2022 and expect plan adoption in March 2023. 

Phase I: Choices Report
The Choices Report presented an overview of the project's overarching goals, a network analysis of the current fixed-routes systems, and the tradeoff on key choices relating to "ridership vs. coverage" and "walking vs. waiting". Over 500 surveys were completed and nearly 100 persons participated in Choices' public meetings held in person and via zoom. 

Phase 2: Concepts Report
The Concepts Report incorporated stakeholder & public feedback into the design of four ridership and coverage concepts, two each for Transpo and Interurban Trolley systems.

Phase 3: Draft Recommendations Report
The Draft Recommendations Report contains the network redesign plan based on increasing ridership system-wide. The Short Term Network recommendations are changes based on the existing budget that can be implemented with the next 2 years. The Additional Funding Network represents changes that would require more funding to implement over time. 

To engage stakeholders and the public in alternative concepts in determining preferences for transit in the region. The  concepts present ridership versus coverage options.  

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