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Final Plan

Review the Final Recommendations Report 

The Final Recommendations Report presents the goals and priorities for transit in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and Goshen in two investment scenarios, a Short Term Network and an Additional Funding Network for the Transpo and Interurban Trolley systems. 


The Short Term Network recommends changes that would slightly shift the priorities of transit investment toward goals that support higher ridership and better access for most people, within the current transit budget. The outcomes of the proposed changes would improve service for many, but also have trade-offs. Learn more about recommendations for service in South Bend & Mishawaka (Transpo) or Elkhart & Goshen (Interurban Trolley).


The Additional Funding Network presents transformative changes that would substantially grow ridership through new investment in transit. The outcomes of which would more greatly effect residents and businesses access to transit and to jobs across the region. Learn more about recommendations for service in South Bend & Mishawaka (Transpo) or Elkhart & Goshen (Interurban Trolley).

The Transpo and MACOG Boards adopted resolutions endorsing the Final Recommendations at their March and April 2023 meetings, respectively.

5 Things
about Transpo recommendations

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  1. Plan seeks to balance the investment in transit in the short-term so that 60% goes to ridership goals (more frequency, more all-day service) and 40% coverage to coverage goals (more people and places served, less frequency, longer waits). 

  2. The Short Term Network changes are based on the current budget

  3. Route changes effect residents and businesses on South Bend's West Side, South Side and North Side, mainly impacting frequency, wait times, and evening service.

  4. Downtown service would be simplified onto fewer streets.

  5. The Additional Funding Network assumes 85% more transit service including 15 minute frequency on key corridors like Western Avenue and 7-day a week service across South Bend and Mishawaka through new investment

5 Things 
about Interurban Trolley 

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  1. Plan seeks to keep the current balance between ridership and coverage goals at about 75% Ridership and 25% Coverage.

  2. The Short Term Network maintains existing coverage in Elkhart plus adds service in Goshen based on the City's commitment to investing in new service.

  3. Two new routes effect residents and businesses in South Goshen including Goshen Hospital and Goshen College. Streamlined routes in Elkhart provide two way service and better travel times in and out of downtown.

  4. In the short-term, more residents would have greater access to transit and to jobs although some areas may have longer walks to service. 

  5. The Additional Funding Network assumes 80% more transit service including better frequency, later evening and Sunday services across Elkhart and Goshen through new investment

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